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Winter Greetings to Our Customers and Business Partners!


The festive season is approaching and we would like to inform you of our shutdown dates.

Our production sites and warehouses will be closed on Monday 4th - Tuesday 5th and also on Wednesday 27th - Friday 29th of December, 2023.


We encourage you to plan your orders and deliveries accordingly so we can handle your shipments on time before the scheduled holiday break for our team. However, our customer service will continue to work also during the holidays to manage your orders and inquiries.


If you have more questions or wish additional information about production, warehousing, and deliveries before and after our holiday, please contact our sales team at tel. +358 40 083 3180 or send an email to:


We can't wait to serve all our customers again in 2024. On this occasion, we wish you all the best for the coming holiday season and enjoy your deserved break.





The team at Evermatic


A pioneer in personal protective equipment for welders

Evermatic offers a vast selection of personal protective equipment for welding and spark-producing activities. Since the turn of the century, the company has grown to be one of Finland’s best-known PPE manufacturers and experts

in the field of welding safety.
The provision of high-quality products and services is at the heart of our business. This shows all the way, from manufacture to end-customer delivery. Our dealer network covers a number of European countries.
Our comprehensive and diverse range of personal protective equipment for professional use is the result of long-term,

future-oriented work. The safety, performance and wearer comfort of our products are key considerations for us.


made in Finland.