CA-3 grinding visor

CA-3 grinding visor

A light protective shield CA-3 with a high-quality visor

A light protective shield with an easily replaceable high-quality visor
provides excellent respiratory and face protection in grinding

A fully adjustable ratchet headgear provides comfortable and secure
fit. Polycarbonate panoramic visor ensures clear and broad field of
vision. According to EN 166 it provides protection against impacts of
particles with medium energy.

    •    Large grinding visor
    •    Well balanced
    •    Light weight - vain 520 g
    •    EN 12941 ja EN 166 certified



710 300

CA-3 Grinding visor




710 330 CA-3 spare visor, polycarbonate
702 153 Gasket seal
710 320 Protective film CA-3,10pcs/pack (new model)
700 003 Sweatband, black velour
172 000 Mask spray for cleaning