Auto-darkening helmet Evolve- auto

Auto-darkening helmet Evolve- auto

The Evolve welding helmet has been designed with the user in mind

The helmet provides excellent protection and comfort for professional welders. Evolve Auto has an auto-darkening welding filter.

Equipped with solar cells, the filter cartridge is automatically activated by light, and neither an on/o­ff switch nor batteries are necessary.


Evolve is shaped to defect flying sparks, and the 150-mm-wide grinding visor off­ers a great field of vision when no darkening is required.

The filter holder can be moved away onto the top of the helmet for added comfort.


As an advantage over conventional opening mechanisms, this optimizes the center of gravity, increases the field of view and reduces the amount of space required by the helmet.


    •    Filter size 90x110 mm
    •    Grinding visor 90x150 mm
    •    The helmet is well-balanced

    •    Optical class 1/1/1 (ADC 1/1/1/2)

    •    Control options in models V9-13DS / ADC
    •    Made of fire-rated polyamid PA66  
    •    Made in Finland
    •    CE / EN 175 / EN 166 certified


400 003 Evolve- auto EN 10
400 004 Evolve- auto EN 11
400 005 Evolve- auto V9-13DS
400 006 Evolve- auto ADC



111 008 Welding lid assembly, Evolve
111 001E Headband
111 007 Screw set, Evolve
700 003 Sweatband, black velour
105 005 Spatter glass polyc., non-steaming, hard-coated 90x110 mm
105 002 Spatter glass, polyc. 90x110x1.0 mm
103 004 Spatter glass inner 51x107x1.0 mm
191 001 Grinding visor Evolve- auto BT
132 005 Auto-darkening filter 90x110mm EN 10
132 006 Auto-darkening filter 90x110mm EN 11
132 007 Auto-darkening filter 90x110mm V 9-13 DS
132 008 Auto-darkening filter 90x110mm ADC
172 000 Mask spray for cleaning