Welding helmet Evermatic

Welding helmet Evermatic

The Evermatic welding helmet is designed for professional use in demanding environments

The helmet provides excellent UV and spark protection for the face, neck and ears. Durable, but lightweight and elastic, it reduces neck strain.


The filter holder features a “peeking position”, so the helmet does not need to be raised to check the weld. This speeds up work and makes nodding movements unnecessary. The design of the front of the helmet reduces the build-up of carbon dioxide inside.

<b>Hitsausmaski Evermatic</b>


°  Made in Finland
°  CE / EN 175 certified

°  Filter size 60x110mm

°  Weight approx. 390 g
°  The helmet is well-balanced

°  Shaded inner protective lens with UV protection

°  The helmet is made of fire-rated Polyamide PA66
°  Also available with hearing protection e.g. Peltor Optime



125 001 Welding helmet Evermatic 60x110mm EN9 + UV-filter EN1,7


115 001 Shutter Evermatic
116 001 Shutter's spring set 
111 001 Headband
118 001 Sweatband
110 001 UV-filter 60x110mm (evermatic)
103 001 Spatter glass, polyc. 60x110mm 1.0

102 001

Spatter glass, glass 60x110mm
103 002 Spatter glass, polyc. 60x110x0,5mm
103 003 Spatter glass, polyc. 60x110x1,5mm
172 000 Mask spray for cleaning
104 001 Welding filter 60x110 mm EN8
105 001 Welding filter 60x110 mm EN9
106 001 Welding filter 60x110 mm EN10
107 001 Welding filter 60x110 mm EN11
108 001 Welding filter 60x110 mm EN12
109 001 Welding filter 60x110 mm EN13