Nahkis auto-darkening helmet

Nahkis auto-darkening helmet

Nahkis is an auto-darkening welding helmet for confined spaces

At the strike of an arc, it darkens automatically depending on the model to EN 10 or EN 11.  Nahkis is excellent for repair and maintenance work, often performed using the SMAW or MIG/MAG technique.


Equipped with solar cells, the filter cartridge is automatically activated by light, and neither an on/off switch nor batteries are necessary. The helmet is available both with and without neck protector.


    •    Filter size 60x110 mm
    •    Filter shade EN10 tai EN11
    •    Light state EN3
    •    Highest optical class 1/1/1
    •    Genuine leather
    •    Easy to use and to maintain
    •    Made in Finland
    •    CE / EN 175 certified


145 004 Nahkis auto. EN10 60x110 mm
145 005 Nahkis auto. with neck protector EN10 60x110 mm
145 006 Nahkis auto. EN11 60x110 mm
145 008 Nahkis auto. with neck protector EN11 60x110 mm


115 001 Shutter Nahkis
116 001 Shutter's spring set
103 002 Spatter glass, polyc. 60x110x0,5 mm
103 001 Spatter glass, polyc. 60x110x1,0 mm
131 004 Auto-darkening filter EN10
136 004 Auto-darkening filter EN11
172 000 Mask spray for cleaning