Auto-darkening helmet Maskilo ADC

Auto-darkening helmet Maskilo ADC

Auto-darkening helmet Maskilo ADC represents the latest technology of auto-darkening filters

Automatic mask Maskilo ADC represents the latest ADC-technique which guarantees an even darkness level for the whole tape area without corner reflections in all welding positions


Adjustments, darkness 9-13, sensitiveness and slow/fast restoring.

Maskilo ADC is suited to almost all welding methods: TIG, MIG/MAG, rod welding and gas welding/cutting. Maskilo ADC is equipped with a light cell so there's no battery changing.


Automatic mask Maskilo ADC is available air-conditioned, connected to a safety helmet or with hearing protectors.


    •    ADC: angular dependence compensation – technique
    •    Auto-filter size 90x110  mm
    •    Adjustable welding darkness EN9 - EN13
    •    Maskilo ADC has the highest optical class 1/1/1/2
    •    Good optical quality guarantees a bright and sharp vision for the work 

    •    Easy to use and maintain
    •    Made in Finland
    •    CE / EN 175 certified


600 024

Auto-darkening helmet Maskilo ADC

600 027

Maskilo Air 90x110 Auto EN V9-13ADC (air-conditioned)



115 004 Shutter Maskilo
116 002 Shutter's spring set Maskilo
611 001 Headband M with hearing protection fastening
700 003 Sweatband, black velour
105 005 Spatter glass, polyc. non-steaming/hard coated 90x110x1,0 mm
103 004 Spatter glass, inner 51x107x1,0 mm
105 002 Spatter glass, polyc. 90x110x1,0 mm
132 008 Auto-darkening filter 90x110mm EN V9-13ADC
172 000 Mask spray for cleaning