CA-1 short facepiece

The CA-1 short facepiece can be used in combination with the Clean Air Basic 2000 DF powered air-purifying respirator. The air hose is connected to the back of the facepiece by an easy-to-use bayonet joint. The large visor provides a wide field of vision, and multiple adjustment options ensure perfect fitting. Besides respiratory protection, CA-1 protects the face and hair against lightweight spatter.

A good circulation of air, an exhaust vent for exhaled air and anti-fog treatment make sure the visor stays clear. The lightweight CA-1, ideal for prolonged and daily use, is available in orange and blue.

    •    Large, clear grinding visor
    •    Weight 180 g
    •    Availabe in blue and orange
    •    EN 12941 certified



710 100

CA-1 facepiece, short orange

710 100B CA-1 facepiece, short blue




700 120 Protective film (CA-1, CA-2 ja CA-10) 10pc/pack
700 003 Sweatband, black  velour
172 000 Mask spray for cleaning