Face Shield

Face Shield

Versatile Ever Face Shield with an adjustable head band

This high-quality protective visor has an adjustable headband that does not squeeze even during long-term use, making it pleasant to wear. It offers versatile adjustments that ensure a proper fit. The visor is light and ergonomic, using the same headband as in welding masks.


Technical information:
°  Weight 150-200 g
°  Thickness of the visor 1,0 mm +- 10 % 
°  Certification according to EN 166:2001
°  High visor provides coverage for a large area

Additional information: 

°  Made in Finland

°  The product is not a medical device 
°  The visor can be sanitized with alcohol

°  Suitable to be used as a grinding visor against against
    high-speed particles with medium energy impact 120 m/s (B)
°  The visor does not give protection against chemicals, it is not
    schockproof and does not give protection against biological hazards







Ever-Face Shield with headband (PC)



20035 Ever-Face Shield spare visor 1 pcs (PC)