Welding helmet Maskilo Air

Welding helmet Maskilo Air

Maskilo Air is a versatile welding helmet with respiratory protection

Positive pressure maintained inside the helmet eff­ectively prevents harmful particles from entering the breathing zone. The helmet protects the wearer against particulates such as solid and liquid aerosols, welding fumes, and dust.


Maskilo M10 Air comes fully assembled, complete with an air duct and seal kit. The assembly is lightweight and durable. Maskilo M10 Air is based on the Maskilo welding helmet.


The helmet can be combined with hearing protectors.


    •    Filter size 90x110 mm
    •    Also avaliable with hearing protection, such as Peltor Optime
    •    Made in Finland


600 002 Maskilo Air 90x110mm EN10
600 006 Maskilo Air 90x110mm Auto-darkening filter EN10
600 007 Maskilo Air 90x110mm Auto-darkening filter EN11
600 008 Maskilo Air 90x110mm Auto-darkening filter ENV9-13DS
600 027 Maskilo Air 90x110mm Auto-darkening filter EN V9-13 ADC
600 031 Maskilo Air 90X110 auto EN9-13 (cell & battery)




115 005 Headband with an air channel
116 002

Shutter's spring set Maskilo

149 004 Gasket set, Maskilo M10 Air
150 003 Hose cover, spark resistant
114 000 Velcro set
118 002 Sweatband
611 001 Headband Maskilo

700 003

Sweatband, black velour

110 003

UV-filter 90x110 mm (Maskilo)

105 005

Spatter glass, polyc. non-steaming, hard coated 90x110x1,0 mm

103 004

Spatter glass, polyc. inner 51x108x1,0 mm

105 002

Spatter glass, polyc. 90x110x1,0 mm

172 000

Mask spray for cleaning



700 457 Bayonet joint
169 006 Threaded connector, tight density
151 003 Threaded connector Air (Lamp thread)


132 005 Auto-darkening filter 90x110 mm EN10(F10)
132 006 Auto-darkening filter 90x110 mm EN11(F11)
132 015 Auto-darkening filter 90x110 mm EN9-13 (cell & battery)
132 007 Auto-darkening filter 90x110 mm EN V9-13DS
132 008 Auto-darkening filter 90x110 mm EN V9-13ADC