Welding helmet Maskilo

Welding helmet Maskilo

The Maskilo welding helmet is designed for demanding professional use

The mask has been carefully designed to give excellent protection against spatter and arcs. Made of polypropylene, Maskilo is lightweight and flexible, making it possible to work for prolonged periods of time without neck strain.


Highly resistant to high/low temperatures and impacts, it suits even the most demanding applications.

The filter holder can be opened step by step and used in a peeking position.


°  Made in Finland
°  CE / EN 175 certified
°  Weight approx. 450 g

°  Filter size 90x110 mm 
°  Magnifying lense is easy and fast to fasten
°  Spatter glass and welding filter are easily changeable
°  Headband has quick-release hooks for hearing protection

°  Maskilo can be equipped with Evermatic magnifying lens to
   get a closer look for greater ease of working


600 000 Welding mask Maskilo M10


115 004 Shutter Maskilo
116 002 Shutter's spring set Maskilo
611 001 Headband with quick-release hooks for hearing protection
700 003 Sweatband, black velour
110 003 UV-filter 90x110 mm EN1,7
105 005 Spatter glass polyc., non-steaming, hard-coated  90x110 mm
105 002 Spatter glass, polyc. 90x110x1,0 mm
104 016 Welding filter 90x110 mm EN10
172 000 Mask spray for cleaning
105 004 Spatter glass, glass 90x110mm
104 015 Spatter glass, polyc. 90x110x0,5mm
105 003 Spatter glass, polyc. 90x110x1,5mm
104 014 Welding filter 90x110 mm EN8
104 011 Welding filter 90x110 mm EN9
104 012 Welding filter 90x110 mm EN11
104 013 Welding filter 90x110 mm EN12
104 017 Welding filter 90x110 mm EN13