CA Basic EVO

CA Basic EVO

Lightweight, compact, innovated –CleanAIR® Basic EVO

The PAPR unit Basic provides the efficient protection in the environments with hazardous particles in the form of solid and liquid aerosols (such as dust, smoke, fumes and fibers).


It is equipped with a Li-Ion battery, electronic control of constant airflow and advanced system for warning the wearer in case of a low airflow. The airflow is individually adjustable (from 170 lpm up to 240 lpm) and can be easily set by just one button. All the relevant information is clearly visible due to the newly designed LED control panel.

Areas of application
• Welding, grinding, surface finishing operations
• Dusty industrial environments
• Automotive and shipbuilding industry
• Constructions
• Food processing industry


• Lightweight and compact
• Li-Ion battery
• Electronic system of constant airflow
• Audiovisual alarm
• Indication of filter clogging and battery charge
• Newly designed LED control panel
• Simple one-button operation
• New and easy click-lock system of attaching the filter cover


    •    Weight 880 g
    •    Easy and comfortable to use
    •    Adjustable airflow in five levels 170-240 L/min
    •    Operating time up to 10 hours/charge(4-5h)

    •    EN 12941 TH3 certified



     •    NB! The respirator is compatible with all our welding helmets


810 000CA CA Basic EVO, including Li-Ion battery, battery charger, multi plug (EUR, UK, US, AUS),  comfort belt standard, P R S L particle filter and flow indicator
810 000LA

CA Basic EVO including comfort belt leather, battery charger, multi plug (EUR, UK, US, AUS) Li-Ion battery, particle filter and flow indicator



710 030 Battery charger Li-Ion, CA Basic EVO
810 017 Battery Li-Ion 7,2 V / 5,2 Ah
150 003 Hose cover, spatter resistant
710 092 Comfort belt, wide
720 093 Leather comfort belt
810 015 Pre-filter (set of 10 pcs)
810 020 Activated carbon filter, 10pcs/pack
800 010/2 P3 particle filter 2pcs/pack
800 010/20 P3 particle filter 20pcs/pack
810 030 CA Basic EVO filter cover
710 060  Hose flexi QuickLock - CA40x1/7´´
700 060 Hose flexi CA40x1/7´´- CA40x1/7´´
700 085 Hose flexi CARD40 - Bayonet