Clean Air AerGO respirator is powerful and ergonomic 

Universal powered air purifying respirator designed for personal respiratory protection in dusty industrial environments including areas with contaminants in the form of gases and vapours.

The unit is provided with a control system of constant air flow and with an advanced electronic system for warning the wearer in case of a sudden decrease of airflow or of a low battery charge. The ergonomic design, low weight and slim profile of the unit guarantee a high level of user comfort, even in environments with limited possibilities of movement. The unit is compatible with a wide range of CleanAIR® headtops for various industrial applications.


  • Dusty industrial environments, including areas with contaminants in the form of gases and vapors
  • Automotive industry, shipbuilding industry
  • Welding, grinding and surface finishing operations
  • Building industry

Features and benefits


  • Slim profile of the unit – only 65 mm
  • Short battery recharging time less than 3 hours (standard battery)
  • Constant airflow control regardless to the state of the filter and the battery capacity
  • Simple control with only one button
  • Ergonomic and comfortable belt which is easy to exchange
  • Unique solution of the filter sealing which provides a perfect unit seal after every change of the filter

    •    Ergonomic design and low weight – only 980 g

    •    Universal usage – filtration of particulate contaminants, gases and 
    •    Adjustable airflow (160 lpm and 210 lpm)

    •    Operation time exceeds 20 hours with the Heavy Duty battery, or is up to
          10 hours with the standard battery

    •    Audiovisual and vibrating alarm indicating a low airflow and a low battery

    •     EN 12941 TH3 certified



     •    NB! The respirator is compatible with all our welding helmets




300 000PA CleanAIR AerGO incl. accessories (comfort belt, charger, battery, particle filters, flow indicator)
300 000PHA CleanAIR AerGO incl. accessories (leather comfort belt, charger, battery, particle filters, flow indicator)





310 013 Battery CA AerGO Li-Ion14,4V/ 2,6Ah
310 023 Heavy duty battery CA AerGO Li-Ion 14,4V/ 5,2Ah
150 003 Hose cover, spark resistant
310 030 Battery charger  CA AerGO
300 010/2 Particle filter P R SL (pack of 2 pairs)
300 357 Combined filter AerGO A1 P R SL 2pcs/pack
300 364 Combined filter AerGO A1B1E1 P R SL ozone 2pcs/pack
300 015 Prefilter CleanAIR® AerGO® (set of 10 pcs)
300 020 Spark arrestor (set of 10 pcs)
300 025

Odor filter (pack of 10 pcs)

300 030 Protection set (2× prefilter, 2× arrestor, 2× cover)
320 092 Leather comfort belt CleanAIR® AerGO®
300 092 Comfort padded belt CleanAIR® AerGO®
700 060 Flexi hose CA40x1/7´´- CA40x1/7´´
700 085 Flexi hose CA40x1/7´´- Bayonet
710 060 Flexi hose QuickLock - CA40x1/7´´