CA Chemical 3F

CA Chemical 3F

CleanAir Chemical 3F, new generation of powered air purifying respirator

respirator designed to filtrate contaminants in the form of gases, vapours, particles and their combinations.


High level of performance, mechanical and chemical resistance, UV resistance and Ingress protection IP64 guarantee sufficient protection of the wearer even in heavy industrial environments, the chemical industry, laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry. Full colour display clearly shows all the relevant information needed.


Areas of application

  • Most demanding environments
  • Chemical industry
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Remediation operations

Features & Benefits

  • High mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Resistance to intrusion of liquids and solid particles – IP64
  • Can be washed under running water
  • Advanced electronic warning system
  • Full colour TFT display clearly shows all the relevant information
  • User modes HOOD / MASK
  • Airflow 120–235 lpm
  • Li-Ion battery and quick battery charger (charging time less than 3 h)

    •    Weight 900 g
    •    Easy to use
    •    TURBO (210 L/min) and ECO (160 L/min)
    •    Operation time  6-9 hours/charge
    •    EN 12941 TH1 certified



     •   NB! respirator is compatible with all our welding helmets



520 000 CA Chemical 3F, including battery and flow indicator
520 000FCA CA Chemical 3F, including accessories (comfort belt, charger, battery, flow indicator)





520 010 CA Chemical 3F battery Li-Ion 14,4V / 2,6Ah
520 043.1 Comfort padded belt 3F
150 003 Hose cover, spark resistant
520 044.1 Comfort padded harness 2F/3F
510 030EUR Battery charger CA Chemical
500 048 Particle filter P3 RD40x1/7"
500 157 Combined filter A2P3
500 167 Combined filter A2B2P3
500 168 Combined filter A2B2E2K2P3
700 060 Flexi hose CA40x1/7´´- CA40x1/7´´
700 085 Flexi hose CA40x1/7´´ - Bayonet
710 060 Flexi hose QuickLock - CA40x1/7´´